Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Those were the days when you just need to put up a website and customers will acknowledge it by themselves. Now one needs to work thoroughly on it. For this social Medias need to be used efficiently. Our digital marketing services cater to all your needs. You will get the return of every paisa you spend in multiples.

In the emerging marketplace, and with the increasing digital scenario, it is essential to analyze the proper use of analytical tools for availing the maximum returns. “A penny spends will be a rupee driven” we focus on this approach and aims at maximizing your returns. Tutago technologies treat your money as ours and then work on it.

With the right mix of SEO tools, PPC services, and social media marketing and by utilizing your existing platforms online we create a backbone for your business. We convert all your efforts online in a proper process in order to arrive your required returns.

We assure that your presence online will be differentiated from all your competitors.

Social Media Optimization

Social media is not just a platform for sharing your family images and a day of your enjoyment. Businesses are trying to use social media for getting more customer attention and increasing revenue thereafter. Social media platforms are one of the most convenient, easy to use and the cheapest mode of communicating with your target audience. In today’s scenario if you want to have a global identity you need to use social media. Biggest advantages of all these social platforms are they trap thousands of untraced customers. With just one click our customer can reach us.

With the growing importance of social media there lies a general drawback too. Almost every second business is using digital platform so it is essential for you to differentiate your company from your competitors.

This is where our role in your business begins. Tutago technologies help you in gaining the attention of your target audience. As most of your competitors are using the same social media platform so you need to distinguish yourself by presenting your products more efficiently. We help you in gaining the direct attention of your consumers by posting on regular basis. We assure that we are responding to customer’s problems or suggestions on the regular basis so that they are equipped with the company. Therefore, it will result in impactful engagement and gain more traffic to your platform.

Social media services that we at Tutago Technologies provides include -

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Blog Design, Setup And/or Optimization
  • Community Building Strategy Development
  • Blog Strategy Development
  • Implementation Guidelines
  • Software Recommendations
  • Social Media Audit
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Social Profile Creation
  • Badge Creation and Strategy
  • Widget Strategy Development
  • Blog Strategy Development
  • Community Monitoring

Why choose Tutago for your social presence?

Our main aim is to provide you a great social media platform. Our experts are having very deep knowledge of all the social media handles. At Tutago we pick you off the ground and put our all efforts to take you to heights. We will help you to write a success story for your business.

Social Consultancy

Our team at Tutago don’t only provide your social presence. We confirm to support you in the whole process of sharing. If you are already having an idea in mind that’s great but if you start from the scratch our experts are always there to help you out.

We will make strategies from our end for your business. Your business is not just yours now it's ours.

Brand Management

Using the right username and profile picture is essential for your branding on social media. Name and display picture is the first thing that creates companies image in customer’s mind. Your brand image will reflect our working. We put our best to convert your viewers into potential and brand loyal customers.

Social Tone & Nature

There are numerous ways in which you can portray your brand like audio-visuals, YouTube videos, games, pictorial presentations, etc. We at Tutago get the best suitable form of presenting your brand. Sometimes our clients tell us so we customize it according to their needs also. Don’t worry if you don’t have any idea in mind we will help you by our consultancy services.

Social Media Monitoring

You can easily monitor all the activities we are doing on your social media. You get to know about customer’s mindset for your brand. This will eventually help you to reframe your policies and customize your products. Our team of experts provides you with customer’s review through regular monitoring process.

Social PPC

Everything will be in your favor if you know how to make a reputation among your target audience for your newly launched products and services. Advertisement on social media is a key to do so. You can place your ads where you find it more attention seeker like sponsored YouTube, twitter trending, Instagram handles and the list goes on. If you are not sure where to place your advertisements then we are here to help you knew buddies out.

Community Building & Management

Making your positive image in the society is our sole motive. We with our team of experts make sure that your followers are getting a regular response for their queries from your end. We keep on engaging with your audience across the world. We don’t only use your social media rather we use our social circle also in order to provide you a fan base.

Reporting & Analysis

We usually report you weekly or on the monthly basis with all your social media belongings. Now by analyzing these reports, you can very well know where you need to improve your working. also, our reports will be helping you to transform your marketing strategy for covering up more of the audience.

Cross Channel Promotion

We don’t only focus on one social media. Rather we provide links to your other social media on one platform so that your all social presence can grow all together. We analyse our reports and then help you to create messages for interacting with your audience.

In short, we make sure that all your social media are used effectively and efficiently.

Conversation Rate Optimisation

Your website is one stop window for all the people especially your target audience. Everyone will recognize you by your website so it should be impressive, attractive, attention seeker. The layout of the website should be according to the business you are dealing with and people should enjoy surfing on it.

A poor website is a sign of your negligence and moreover a symbol of your bad reputation. You will be wasting a coming opportunity and will be losing over to your customers. This will eventually be increasing your cost and can help your competitors to grow.

That’s the reason conversion rate optimisation is gaining importance in all digital marketing campaign.

Conversion rate optimisation is the process of making your website more presentable by improving content quality, engaging with customers and focusing on sales. It is the area of testing the performance of your website.

It is a combination of tools that measure the effectiveness of all other optimisation techniques running on your website. It is specially designed to carry out one single activity.

CRO technique provides a benchmark for all the activities and then evaluates them. By this tool, you can analyse which tool is working best for you and which is not working. You can work on to your weakness and can empower your positive areas more strongly. This will enable you to cut down your cost and increase the returns.

In order to know more about CRO you just need to call us on our given number or else just fill up the form.

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